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Progress on my copper still.....


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I posted on here several months ago about starting to build copper stills, and by jove, I have begun! There is a bit of a learning curve compared to the copper lamps I've been building for the last 19 years, mostly because of the scale of the components, but things are going very well. I thought I'd show a pic or two of the still head coming together here for the interested. (not sure why the pics are sideways, but I need to get back to the shop so....tilt your head...LOL) This is the head for a 700 liter still, direct fire type. It will be connected to the boiler with stainless flanges, and the lyne arm will be connected to the head with stainless triclamp. This still will also have a large doubler and a large condensor. All components are hand formed, rivet and silver braze joints, and besides the stainless and maybe a few brass components, 100% copper. Obviously it isn't done yet, but I'm awful proud of the progress so far.....





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I should clarify, this isn't MY still. I am making it for a client. I am available to discuss orders for copper stills now. Look for some editorial content in the next issue of Artisan Spirit magazine and an advertisement as well. Thanks for looking, everyone!

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