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Good Capsule shrinker?

Ryan S.

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It's really going to depend on your throughput. If you are running slow - less than 10 bottles per minute, a heat gun may be completely acceptable. Once you are running faster then you can look into a heat / shrink tunnel. The next question is the thickness of your capsules. An inexpensive hear tunnel that takes in ambient air and heats it up on the way to the container are in the price range you mentioned. These work great for thin capsules or tamper evident bands.

The next step up is a recirculating heat tunnel that uses radiant and convection heat to shrink up thicker capsules or for higher speed applications. These types of tunnels will typically recirculate the hot air from inside the tunnel so they can achieve higher temps and are more energy efficient.

Some capsules or even higher speed applications also require the container to be rotated during the shrink process or multiple ovens to ensure even shrink.

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