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Chicago (and the rest of Illinois) Distribution


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Jedd! Coop! You are NOT forgotten guys, Things with our new partners at Quincy St and a few other early entries from this thread (I am SWAMPED *thanks!*) have been very productive and busy. I assure you I am working my way through the list, I have both private messages from you guys and the squeaky wheels will get oiled.

bear with me as we go into trade show season; that being said, BlueStar brings up a good follow up point here. I will be attending several trade shows in the coming months if anyone here will also be going feel free to send me a forum message and we can meet up and talk!

Distill America - Madison

Nightclub and Bar - Vegas

WSWA - Orlando

ADI Conference - Denver



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HPious, Do you have any info I can call or email you? I've a distributor but want to talk to you as well. Where are you located in Chicago? I have a Rice Spirit and Rice Whiskey product I produce in WI.

Did I see you at Distill America? And did you come by to taste my products? I was the first table as you entered the room.



(337) 660-1600

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We most certainly did meet at Distill America. I think I may have one of your (or someones card) in my possession. I'll catch up with you ASAP. I am just back from NCB and trying to get ahead of the game before heading to Denver next week! check your inbox for a PM with contact info.

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