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Chinese equipment

Nir MH

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I would certainly not recommend buying something from just any manufacturer. Most manufacturers who list on Alibaba will take pictures from anywhere and advertise it as their own. I have seen pictures of my own equipment for sale from many different manufacturers, none of whom had any part in actually building them.

China operates very much on the principle of Caveat Emptor, I reccomend buy from a reputable supplier in the US or spend the money and fly to China and inspect the goods before you pay, cause once you've paid for it all warranties are gone.

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You can try this company. I got quotes way back and haven't talked to them since.

China HGM Food Machinery Co., Ltd. http: www.hgm.cn; E-mail:bamboo@hgm.cn Tel: + 86-574-8793 6325 Fax: + 86-574-8793 2586

I did not go beyond the quote and have not looked at their equipment. For a 600liter still, it was priced at $95k which is really high.

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