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Corks popping out?

Jake Holshue

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Since nothing ferments in high alchohol I'd have to look at bottling temperature versus storage temp. Bottle cold, store warm, gas expansion will pop things open. Bottle at near standard room temp.
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Check the mould number on the bottle that the cork came out. Are they all the same number?

Check the inside diameter of the mouth of those bottle. Are they the same as the other mould numbers? Use an electronic caliper if you can.

Are all the T-Top Corks the same size in the box they in?

At one time, we had a batch of bottle that had the number x bottle mould number with half a millimeter above tolerence and we had the same issue.

We also T-Top with wide variation in the same lot that also caused problem in another situation.

I hope this will help some.


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I agree with folks here that it's most likely a fill issue.

We check our fill levels by weight (712 grams @ 80 proof) to make sure we have the right fill level. You can be really accurate with weight on a fairly cheap scale. This prevents us from overfilling due to temperature variations.

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