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Accounting - Chart of Accounts


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We are in the process of setting up our distillery and I was wondering if anyone might be willing to share their accounting systems chart of accounts (COA) with me? I have the ability to create the COA using some "models" supplied in the accounting system, but nothing comes close to what I think we might need. If anyone has this and would be willing to share it, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


Dry Diggings Distillery

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I can help you out with this but could use some more information to get the best fit:

  1. What accounting and inventory management system(s) are you planning on using?
  2. What is your entity type? (Sole proprietorship / partnership / LLC / S corporation)
  3. In what state(s) do you have operations?
  4. Do you have partners and / or investors?
  5. Do you have bank debt and / or 'corporate' credit cards
  6. Do you want to utilize costed mash bills or keep it simple with 'inventory purchases' and an end of month inventory to record cost of goods sold? Related to the detail level of reporting you are willing to maintain.
  7. Do you sell to retail a well as wholesale?
  8. Do produce on contract for other spirits companies? Do you outsource your production?
  9. Do you have a tasting room? Charge for tours and/or wearbles?



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Rich, thanks for the post. I'll send you an email with the responses to your questions.

We have gone ahead and set things up, but I'm not sure if we did things the best way we could have.

I'll email you shorty. Thanks again.

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