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Botanical Amounts

Jake Holshue

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Obviously I do not want to come out and ask what everyone's gin recipe is. But what I am asking you is to point me in the right direction. I am just trying to find the ballpark figure of how much total botanicals are needed for gin. I was given the number of 20-35 grams per liter. I think this recipe comes from homedistiller.org, and I don't know if this holds true or not. I am planning to macerate in the kettle overnight, and my kettle holds about 300 liters.

Any help would greatly be appreciated!


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this is from a couple months back but does cover vapor infused gin

here's a basic gin recipe for macerated gin, consider potency of your botanicals and increase or decrease amounts in recipe to compensate.

simplified greatly

for each 1 litre of neutral at 50%

30 grams crushed dried juniper

5 grams fresh orange

5 grams fresh lemon peel

5 grams coriander

5 grams cardomon

2-3 grams angelica

1/4 stick cassia

2 roasted almonds

1 star Anise

I prefer the teabag method with crushed spiced and an overnight steep

start small, balance your flavors, add your own twist to the botanicals and once your happy scale up.

best part of experimentation is drinking your mistakes.


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In Dr. Muspratt's "Chemistry, Theoretical, Practical, and Analytical," the following receipts from the note-book of an extensive distilling rectifier are given.

"For a Fine Gin, take

960 gallons of spirit, hydrometer proof.

96 lbs. German juniper berries

6 lbs. coriander seeds.

4 lbs. grains of paradise.

4 lbs. angelica root.

2 lbs. orris root.

2 lbs. calamus root.

2 lbs. orange peel.

Eighty or ninety pounds of liquorice powder are occasionally added to impart colour and sweetness.

Plain or London Gin is made as follows : —

700 gallons of the second rectification.

70 lbs. German juniper berries.

70 lbs. coriander seeds.

3.25 lbs. almond cake.

1.5 lbs. angelica root.

6 lbs. liquorice powder.

For the manufacture of West Country Gin, the annexed is the process given in Dr. Muspratt's work: — Introduce into the still 700 gallons of the second rectification, and flavour with —

14 lbs. German juniper berries,

1.5 lbs. calamus root, cut, and

8 lbs. sulphuric acid.

This gin is much used in Cornwall, and particularly in the western counties of England ; it is also used in making British Hollands, and in that case is mixed with about five per cent, of fine gin, reduced to twenty-two under-proof with liquor. Our own examination of this variety of gin, usually called Plymouth Gin, tends to show that it is little else than a moderately pure rectified spirit, unsweetened, containing fusel oil, and flavoured with a little juniper and acetic ether.

For Geneva, charge of still being 930 gallons of second rectification the proportions are —

84 lbs. juniper berries.

112 lbs. coriander seeds.

6 lbs. cassia buds.

4 lbs. angelica root.

6 lbs. calamus root.

6 lbs. almond cake.

0.5 lb. cardamoms.

Plain Geneva.— For 950 gallons of spirit of second rectification, take

84 lbs. juniper berries.

84 lbs. coriander seeds.

2 lbs. almond cake.

2 lbs. orris root.

2 lbs. calamus.

Another prescription for making Geneva, and one which is much esteemed a the following : — Add to 950 gallons —

14 lbs. grey salts, and

4 lbs. white salts.

The rectification to be conducted with the usual care.

At the second operation, add —

168 lbs. juniper berries.

74 lbs. coriander seeds.

12 lbs. almond cake.

8 lbs. grains of paradise.

8 lbs. angelica root.

1 lb. cardamoms.

2 lbs. calamus."

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