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hello everyone


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Just wanted to say hi to everyone. Right now my two partners and I are in the process of incorporating and then onto the paperwork. Hopefully we make it through with out to many problems. Already had zoning issues today. This is a great site and I look forward to being a part of it.



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Hello from down the Rd in GA.

Every once in a while I pass thru KY on the way to NY.

Hopefully one of these times you may be up and running!

Let me know if you have any cooling issues I can assist you with.

Mike Gronski

MG Thermal


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Thanks Mike, I'll let you know if we need anything down the line and I'm sure we will. We have not bought a thing yet but are definately narrowing down our choices for all the equipment. I welcome anyone to contact us for any of our needs. We've been looking at around a 100gal still. It'll be a long road ahead over the next year and beyond, but were looking forward to the challenges and rewards.


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