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Fed Requirement for local approval?

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I swear I saw something somewhere that had a requirement for you to submit something proving you had local zoning and municipality approval, but I cannot find it now when filling out the DSP application. I have the state requirement wording that says "ZONING: Submit Zoning approval, if applicable."

I have looked in the 3 'getting started' powerpoints sent by the TTB and everything else I can online... Anybody have a link or wording of what I need?

The good news is that the local planning director and his staff are as excited as we are to get the distillery up and going!


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I'd go the other way, pretty sure it is not there. I didn't have local approval (or at least business license) before I applied and I got my DSP license just fine. There is a requirement that your lease show that you intend to distill in your space but that is the only local requirement that I remember.

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