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Video of some Control panels.


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We currently distill without a control panel. No kidding, we turn the heat on when we start, and turn the heat off when we finish.

So, what is a control panel like those featured in your video suppose to help me do?



EDIT: We use steam. I guess others who use electric elements need a unit like this?

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Most of the systems are designed for control of electrically fired boilers, not steam.

There is one system though that could be quite useful on a steam fired boiler, and that's our dephlegmator control center. It automates your reflux to maintain a steady output ABV. This could be especially useful for a vodka producer, and it's helped some whiskey producers improve their product consistency in increase yeilds. Less product is lost in the heads cut when making whiskey on a column still because reflux is accurately managed. It also helps to hold back the tails cut as well, resulting in higher yields during the hearts cut.

These systems are just getting on the market now, and the feedback has been very positive so far. It's essentially an upgrade to manual reflux management via hand valves, or simple mechanical thermostatic valves like the carls and vendomes come with.

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I have a 600 gallon steam fired still arriving with Swede's controls soon Not sure how long it will take to get everything operational, but I will give feedback when I get it all working. Customers with it have raved, so I am excited.

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