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Where is this boiler produced?

Ryan S.

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Also not sure how many hours a day you are looking to work, but, in most cases a 50 gallon boiler will not be profitable. I'd recommend at least a 100-125 gallon boiler. Steam generated if you are working with grains and Electrical should be fine with NGS, and sugar washes. I had one designed in china and will be placing the order in a week or two now that Chinese New Years is over. I was quoted about $5200 for a steam jacketed 100gal (total space is about 125gal)SS boiler with agitator plus freight and customs to the Port of Houston.

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These are great so far. We received 2 units on July 31. Our order was placed on May 2. Overall workmanship looks great. It cost an addition $1200 ground transfer from LAX port to Houston and for federal import fee's. I was a little disappointed in the paint job done on the motors, but I they should be fully functional. I'll replace the motors at another time if needed. These are 125 Gallon (100 Gallon with headspace) units. Each are steam jacketed and insulated to focus the steam on the internal liquids. They cam with motors and are rated at 15PSI. I added a 4"-6" concentric reducer to attach a hillbilly column to it. We havent ran it yet as we are still waiting on DSP and our process steam boiler to power them with. Here is a pic with the column attached minus the motor.


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I agree, however, our business plan is to move to a 6" or an 8" column as spirit sales increase and distillation time becomes a bigger factor on the 2 separate stills. These are perfect for starting off within a budget and being able to upgrade pieces at a time. Since we are utilizing a large chiller with a 400 gallon cooling reservoir, the 4" deplhegmater should be able to handle the load easily. In time, In time.

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