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Anyone outsourcing low-wine or beer (mashing, fermenting, etc) to local micro brewery ?


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Hi everyone,

I'm still in the process of building a startup plan for a micro in southern NH. I've been thinking about having a local mico-brewery do my mashing,fermenting,etc and then tank transport it to my facility. Or maybe just do the mashing and I do the fermenting (might be easier from a legal standpoint). Eventually I want to do it all but in the startup phase this might be a better way to do it. II'd like to work with a local brewer with my recipe specs and create small 100~200 gallon beer batches a week.

Searching the ADI forums I have found similar posts but they are a bit contradictory Some say its illegal to transport fermented low wine while others say they have done it or are currently doing it ,



I'm curious to hear from other members who have done it in the past, who are doing it now or have tried it unsuccessfully.

Thanks for everyones comments and suggestions,


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Should be just a matter of the tax bookkeeping.

Leaving out the taxes transfer if you just transport the sweet wort or crushed grapes prior to yeast addition. There's no taxing involved and you'll pay less than having the brewery/winery deal with the fermenting and tax transfer.

Fermentation on your part won't take anything more than fermenting in the transfer containers you carry it in.

Rum distillery in St.Louis uses 55gal poly to ferment in for their small scale. Just pump in the chilled product to the barrels, get them back to the shop and pitch the yeast & airlock it.

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