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Craftsman Copper 200 gallon still progress report....


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Been busily working on this big danged still. I thought I'd share a few more pics of our most recent progress. Let me know what you all think. I hope to make this into a living and be able to phase out the copper lighting someday. Hit me up if you're interested in discussing a custom handmade copper still or copper components for your still project! Thanks for looking:

Looking down into the water bath thumper head.


I will be rolling the top edge and capturing a copper wire in it for strength.


Top of the still body getting welded together.


Thumper neck in progress.


This is the manifold inside the thumper.


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Really Beautiful Jimmy!!!... What size copper did you decide on for the boiler??..... And a techical question...How do you get the copper so bright after welding??... Is this a chemical process ...I cany see to get rid of the Blacks and blues!!/////... Thanxxx in advance...Brian

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You can clean copper with a watered down solution of sulphuric acid. You can also use a half a lemon like a scrub brush, just put table salt on it for some abrasive. I went with what my client and I agreed upon initially, bottom is 48oz and sides are 32oz. He wan't worried about it being too thin. Neither am I. Can't wait to finish this beauty up! The water bath thumper was my clients idea. I hope it works well for him.

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Looking Good Jimmy

You going to put some type of drain in the still and thumper??

Could be I see an English Wheel and an air planishing hammer thats good.


Yessir! There will be a large 2" drain in the still, and a smaller drain in the thumper. And yes, I had to make a few concessions to "modern" tools....and I got a good TIG welder as well!

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