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Washington Craft License Question


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You all were so helpful last time I had a question, I thought I'd give it another try...

Can one craft license operate two locations, as long as the total doesn't exceed the 60,000 proof gallons?

And kind of the flip of that question, can two craft licenses operate on the same set of equipment at the same location?



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The answer short answer is maybe and maybe. The federal permit is for the facility, the storage and bonding. The Feds protect the revenue. Now if you transport bonded alcohol within 4 miles of your facility, to another portion of your facility, then maybe. To find out first do your site plans, maps, locations and specific work done at each facility and see what they say.

Now the other half is what are your state laws as they govern production, sales and transportation.

I have to have a state ABC license to distill in addition to the DSP permit, got to get that first before the state will consider to look at the appilication.

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Thought I'd update this in case anyone else out there has the same question... From the WSLCB...

"Each location needs its own license number and each will have a limit of 60,000 from each location.

A craft distillery is a licensee in control of the location and property, so multiple entities may not share equipment."


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