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Hi all,

I'm a DC licensed retailer (off-premise), and am dedicated to promoting genuine craft spirits (no private label offerings). I sell online at http://www.federalspirits.com/ - feedback on the website always appreciated. The site is new (but functional), and I haven't done anything to market it yet (selling through word of mouth for now). I want to put together a decent sized inventory before going live with advertising.

As a DC retailer, I can buy direct from suppliers outside of the District if the particular product I'm sourcing isn't already offered by a DC wholesaler. When you send me an invoice, I take it to the ABC and fill out an import permit form and pay the tax, and then send you the permit which accompanies the shipment.

Shipping a couple bottles is expensive: the import permits are $5 + shipping isn't cheap. But if you're coming to DC, or have some other economical way to get your product here, please do PM me or e-mail me (available on the site) and bring a few bottles that I can buy for resale.

Hopefully sooner than later I'll be in the position where I can order by the case, but I'm not there quite yet. Also, am limiting deliveries to DC for now, will explore out of state shipping options later on.

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