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Fake Distillate

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I have been asked to do an outdoor historical distillation demonstration, with a traditional moonshine still. Is there a substitute liquid that I could I could use to distill from a water solution.

Vaporization point close to 78°.


Non-flammible would be nice too.

I want to be legal and safe. It might not be good PR for my brand if I blow myself up or get busted by revenuers.


Brad Irwin, Oregon Spirit Distillers

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Isopropyl alcohol boils at 82C, is readily available. But it stinks. Methanol is lower temperature, little harder to come by, more toxic, more explosive. While either might get you away from the legal aspects, they are comparable safety to ethanol, or worse. So, from a safety standpoint, you're probably stuck with just water.

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Maybe distill some botanical in water? I know that purfume distillers do that type of thing.

At the very least it would give your audience the opportunity to taste the differences between different fractions of a distillation.

I'm sure that there's an essential oil distiller in your neighborhood that could recommend a nice all-purpose botanical.


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Just for the visual, put a small pump in the base of bucket insert a clear hose into the output of the worm, leaving space around it and the water goes up the tube and back down the outside looking like running alkeehol or water :)

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