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No, No, No...not asking for your ultra-double-secret-proprietary info :) . Just wondering if anyone has a source for different grains/amounts/malting/etc. for consideration.

We are just trying to organize all of our preliminary plans, and being able to list our ingredients/costs-per would be a nice page in the proposal!

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Pick some percentages you like. Maybe prime numbers, or lucky ones. The range of recipes and grain amounts vary in all of this. The only things you have to have solid are the TTB requirements for the labeling of things like Bourbon (51% Corn minimum), Rye (51% Rye minimum), etc. While your percentages will effect flavor they will all make good whiskeys.

If you need a jumping off point, here is what woodford publishes on their website for their Bourbon:

72% Corn

18% Rye

10% Barley Malt

If you want to go with something easy

100% Corn Bourbon Whiskey

100% Rye (Could be 87% Rye, 13% Rye Malt or 73% Rye, 27% Rye Malt)

While many of the people on this board think their numbers are somehow magic, they didn't go to some guru and get them. You need to think, about what you like and what you want to do and come up with a basic recipe. Do you like Bourbon, Rye, or Wheat Whiskeys? This is truly as simple as can be. What makes a great whiskey after that is how you ferment it, distill it, and age it. Good grain is good grain, it can all make good whiskey.

I hope this helps. And by the way, I use prime numbers to come up with my recipes. Seriously, Two primes and one even.


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I didn't realize this was under vodka as I saw it in the new content section. However the same thing applies. What grain or fruit do you have available to you for distilling to a GNS? What vodkas do you like and do you know what grain they are distilled from? Then go from there. The guys at Dry Fly use Wheat because it is readily available in their area and I believe it wasn't being used by a lot of people. So hopefully my comments on whiskey translated for you.


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