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53 gallon Whiskey Barrels

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I just received four barrels from McGinnis this week. I have not used them just yet, obviously.

While we are on this topic, I would be curious to hear at what proof others barrel their whiskey/bourbon.

Also, I keep reading about barrel strength bourbons at above 130 proof. Does anyone know how this is possible as the regs clearly state that 125 proof is the max?

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As a general rule, in a drier environment, proof will rise. Water is evaporating at a greater rate than the alcohol.

In a humid environment, proof will go down. Alcohol will evaporate at a greater rate than water.

We have found that our fairly humid environment causes our proof to drop in the barrel. We also source quite a bit of whiskey. Those barrels where the hoops are rusted, and I would assume stored in a humid environment, are lower proof than those barrels with clean hoops.

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