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What would be better for vodka? EC1118 or White Labs vodka yeast?

Ryan S.

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EC 118 is yheast, a champagne type yheast used mostly for fruity wine ferments to dryness -2r/s dependes of what you are making its a matter of preference as far as a distilletion for vodka i think it would be irrelevent sinse you are distilling a product that is fermented and you are distilling to a neutral point . :lol:

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Redstar Champagne Yeast is basically the same as ec1118, but has better propagation rate

Thanks for the info. Any thoughts on this white lab yeast?

WLDVODKAAG-1KG Vodka Turbo AG - 1kg *

High yield vodka strain with extra-ordinarily low metabolite production ideal for use with sugar, grain or potato feedstock in vodka production. Provides complete nutrition for easy fermentation of low-nutrition washes together with amylo glucosidase enzyme for dextrins conversion.

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I have used the White Labs "Vodka Yeast" and was fairly disappointed. What they don't tell you is you need 2-2.5 packets per 10HL. Plus I really don't need AG in my yeast as I add enzymes earlier in the process. If those were the only two to choose from EC 118. I use SuperStart.

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