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150L Holstein for sale

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We have a 150L Arnold Holstein still for sale. It was 4 years old when we purchased it and was only used about 20 times before priorpost-5137-0-89046700-1362508366_thumb.jp. We assembled it, but never put it into production.


150 liter


3 phase electric heating



catalytic converter

The still is located in Upstate NY. The unit is not connected, so it can be picked up immediately.

Serious inquiries only. Call 917-685-8989

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Sorry for the delay in response. I have been fielding all calls and answering questions as they come in. The best way to reach me is at 917-685-8989 during day and night, since we are running around and away from the forum.

The unit is an electric waterbath unit. 400 V / 230VDC / 50Hz . Five heating elements @ 9 KW per element.

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We have disassembled the unit and it is sitting in the corner. Thank you for all of the interest and calls. You can reach me at 917-685-8989 if you have any questions. I do pick up all calls, unless I cant hear the phone ring due to construction noise.

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