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Indiana Artisanal Distiller law hearing - Help Needed


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I'm writing to ask if any of you would be willing to share with us a completed version of their TTB application, with redacted sensitive information.

We are going in front of the state senate for a hearing on an important bill on Wednesday, and feel that it would be a great visual statement to show them the length of a fully completed application, with all appendices and documentation.

I know this is a lot to ask on short notice.

For your reference this is bill 1293, a bill that would give distilleries, wineries, and breweries the ability to sell retail, but demands that they have been in business for three previous years. We feel that this gives

unfair advantage to existing businesses and will prevent distilleries from starting up in Indiana. We need to show the legislature that the hoops we have to jump through at the Federal level are significant enough already.


Thank you,


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Update: We were able to successfully get this law amended to allow anyone with a DSP by the end of this year to be "grandfathered" in, so they wouldn't need 3 years operating history.

So if you are in Indiana and starting a distillery, you need to get your application started very soon.

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Well done! I am in the very beginning processes of opening.... well, let me rephrase that to "I'm thinking about thinking about opening" and had considered Indiana until I called the state house and confirmed that you had to already have a DSP to apply. Too bad that they'll only allow the grandfathering in for this year, rather than just amending the law. Regardless, nicely handled sir!

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