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California Distributor Recommendation

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I too have been contacted by Dalet Wine & Spirits. I too am picky about wholesalers. Specifically I find it odd when I can't find a website or any other info for a wholesaler that contacts me. And they use a generic email address. There's nothing wrong with a new business, but come on. I guess I should just call back and find out what's up.

And once again, it would be good if folks wouldn't pm each other with pertinent info instead of posting.

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Hi everyone I am new here but I felt I should comment on this subject. Thanks Steve for mentioning us. We are looking forward to working with your vodka. Sorry it's taken so long.... My name is Rob I am the owner of Dalet Wine & Spirits. I got to tell ya it is not easy to start up a company in this country. There is so much red tape and money just to get in. The fact is when I got my license I was not ready to sell a ton of products. In California its use it or loose it. Sell and buy within 30 days of your licenses being issued. I really love to do things once and do them correctly. Up till now we did not have a website. It just was not something we were ready for. Now I have put together a most awsome book. Something that we all in California will benefit from in the fact that we will have these great products on the shelf. Not to mention the craft distiller will actually get a shot in California with someone who will care about them.. Now I mostly represent the Craft Distiller. Unlike the other big boys who claim to have a Craft Division we are actually building our book around that idea.

So Scott, I am sorry about your experience with distributors. I am not Middle Tier, I assure you. We are small but moving fast. We are going to give the big boys a run for there money. One day you will be knocking on my door.

Daveflinstone, I don't know what your products are. I contacted many people. It is too bad you did not want to speak to us all because of a generic email. Take a look in a week or so and our site should be up. We did a great one. Something I will be proud of. Not half ass'ed as it would have been had I done it sooner.

Facts are it take tons of time and money to make this business work. I have had to do it by myself I do not have a partner. So even though we have moved slow on somethings we are moving faster on others. If you have never started a distributorship you could not know what it takes. I appreciate the comments on here because it means you are all talking about Dalet. And you should be.

Take care hope everyone is successful today.

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Good luck, Rob. We are currently having loads of fun trying to find an appropriate building in CA for our stillhouse (fire regulations are a blast). This really isn't the easiest environment to run a business in, but few places care more about local so our hope is that it will be worth the struggle.

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