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ADI Conference Distillery Tour Stops

Guest Bobcat Hill

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I don't believe it is definitively set and different buses will go to different places. Sounded like all will go to Stranahan's and at least 1 brewery, but the rest could just depend what bus you are on. That said, Bill Owens made it sound like a lot of fun. I'd just go ahead and sign up...

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That sounds like a pretty solid tour.

Also, lots of options for self-guided tours beyond the Front Range distilleries that the ADI tour will be hitting. I can't speak to the availability or willingness of any other distilleries, but within a 3hr drive from denver you'd be able to hit the following *other* distilleries (in order of distance - nearest first):

Downslope Distilling, Centenial

Golden Moon, Golden

303/Boulder Distillery, Boulder

Syntax Spirits, Greeley

Breckenridge Distillery, Breckenridge

Deerhammer Distilling, Buena Vista

Woods High Mountain Distillery, Salida

Montanya Distillers, Crested Butte

Peach Street Distillers, Palisade

I'm probably missing a few - and if you added on more miles there are more you could hit.

For anyone spending a few extra days on either side of the conference that wants to see what Colorado really looks like beyond the city... I'd be happy to show you around my place and share some drinks with you. We're a two hour drive from denver with multiple hotsprings and monarch ski area right down the road.

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It's probably a good idea to contact any distillery you plan to visit before or after the conference. We are not hosting any visitors outside of the ADI class or the bus tour because we will be - at the conference with you, or busy hosting those who have paid to take the hands on rum distilling class. If you cannot make the drive to see these distilleries or take the ADI's bus tour you will be able to meet the distillers and taste their spirits at Dstill a few blocks from the conference site on Wednesday night.

Add to Lenny's list although still not complete I'm sure.

KJ Woods



J&L Distilling

Black Canyon


Mile High Spirits



Peak Spirits

Trail Town

We are honored to be having all of you visit.

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Guest Bobcat Hill

Thanks to all. We are only in Denver proper for the two conference days and will miss the tour bus opportunity. We are thinking about skipping out early on the conference programming one of the days to visit one or two distilleries. Any recommendations on what one or two would be in easy driving distance from the Sheraton and possibly have late hours?

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