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Hi From Stilldragon Australia

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Hi, my name is Garry and i go by the handle of Punkin around the internet. I am the Australian/New Zealand agent for Stilldragon and offer almost the entire range from stock here in Australia as well as some other distilling and fermenting stuff that is required by distillers.

We have a few operational units in wineries and small startups around the country here in Australia with many more in the US.

My website is in my signature below and i am working on upgrading it most of the time with limited skills :D

Happy to receive feedback on how i can make the commercial section (or any other section) of the site more user friendly for you guys and girls.

I am happy to answer any queries on our products or offer up any knowledge i may have gathered around the traps and hope to be able to give some helpful advice to the community as well as learn from you here. I think the internet has to be a mostly two way street to function properly.

I hope to be making an announcement on an improvement to a small item that is going to change the way every operation functions shortly. :lol:

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I just discovered your offerings and am very impressed with your modular columns and their customization. It would be nice to know what is in stock in Florida for immediate purchase here in the states. A shopping cart that has all the shiny bits and complete units would be nice too. Right now we're just running pot stills, but we're looking to get into hybrid/modular columns, so you're just what we're looking for.

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