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Hello from the Heartland - Oklahoma

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Hi everyone! I was very excited when i got back from a quick Spring Break trip to Colorado that i was finally approved on the ADI forum My name is Robin and my friend and I are eagerly trying to get a startup distillery going. We are complete newbies to the whole process, but we love to drink the stuff, so that is how we got interested. We have not tried anything yet, but gathering information and wisdom from you guys so far. We have a lot to learn!

Our goals are to make Vodka, Gin, and especially Whisky. We got intersted during a Distillery tour to Scotland 2 years ago. Travelled to 11 different operations in 7 days and had a blast. I am going to be peppering you experienced people for answers for quite a while so I hope that i don't overstay my welcome.

I would love to get a hold of classic copper stills. The older the better. I want production, but I love old time stuff for the look and the stories that they hold.

Once again, thanks for having these forums and passing along lots of knowledge.


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