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Texas on-site sales


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Of course, it is Texas so unless you own a fire-arms business out of state, Gov. Perry may still need to be reminded there are current Texas owned business's in his state that could still use a little less state regulations.

In all honesty, I happened to meet Gov. Perry when I visited Garrison Brothers Distillery in Hye Tx last summer (while i was doing some home work). He was taking the tour. It does appear that Perry and Dan Garrison were once neighbors and are still friendly. Perry stated that if a bill came to his desk to help distilleries in TX he would sign it.


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Changed a few things regarding the permitting with the TABC, turns out I'm the first guy to file after the new law went in effect. Instead of a two week process, a sign must be posted giving notice of onsite alcohol sales for 60 days, Also notification letters must be sent to all property owners within I believe 300ft of the property line, (not dwelling). Additionally all distillers have to post a $7,500.00 bond with I believe the Texas comptrollers office to cover the onsite sales. I received my bond but never a notice for which address to send the bond. This is all new in Texas. Additionally, all onsite sales to the best of my understanding have to be commemorative bottles that are signed and numbered. A individual may buy up to two 750ml bottles per 30 day period. I'll know the full details once I have my TABC interview in the next few weeks.

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