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Chill Filtering revisited


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I know this had been discussed before and I have read through those previous threads, but I'm still on the fence on which 40x40 plate and frame filter sheet I should use on a white rum for chill filtering.

Some folks say 5microns is small enough. However, there's mention in this forum of hazing after this level of filtering. Pall corporation recommends their K100 IR Seitz Depth Filter (http://www.pall.com/main/food-and-beverage/product.page?id=53732) for rum chill filtering. This is described in GW Kwent's site as 1 - 4 micron.

I'm juggling the need to avoid hazing, but without stripping too much flavor.

What are you folks using (if chill filtering at all)?

Also, Would that 1-4 micron sheet be described as a 1 micron filtering or a 4 micron filtering....or am I way off base?

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.



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