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Small Batch Bottle Decorating


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Hello from the center of the country...beautiful Chicago!

We want to spread word about our bottle decorating services - let us know in an email info@loggerheaddeco.com or call Steve at 630-488-9426 to discuss Small Batch Glass Decorating Options...

High end Screen Printing with propriety printing process - Design and print all Pantone Colors

Spray and Frostting - Organic or Ceramic (Fades to Full Coverage)

WIndow Effects

Many options - decorate your bottle just like the big brands

We have stock tooling for several bottles - Rounds (lugged or non-lugged), Flat, Tapered, and Oval printing

Craft Decorating is what we do!

If you are in Denver for the ADI - Stop by and see us.


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Just received our first order (6 pallets) from Steve at loggerhead. All I can say is WOW! He hit it out of the park. Can't wait to see what he does on or Rum which will be our next run.

Dave Woods

Wiggly Bridge Distillery

York, Maine

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(Just FYI)

I have a friend that works at a major bottle supply place in MI (wine industry) that has spoke very highly of this company. I have yet to need his services but look forward to seeing his work!

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