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Artisan Still Design Display Still

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was able to meet many of you at the conference over the last few days, is been a true pleasure.

lots of interest in our system but Who has the money lying around for an impulse buy like that.

so we're letting you all know the still is still avaliable, you can have it now rather than having to wait several months for the next batch to be finished.


60 gallon charge

electric bain marie heat (220v 60 amp SP)

1 hp agitator (220v 3 phase 6.5 amps)

Copper Gooseneck style head (5mm copper)

4 plate copper "Whiskey" column

16 plate stainless/copper Vodka Column

external Gin Basket

Stainless product condenser with Parrot.

I'll post some pics when I get home, or if I spot them on Facebook (plenty of people snapping pics of it)


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