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Grain Mills???


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Hey Gang,

Starting to put my head around the most efficient way to process my corn.

Can save as much as $0.35/lb if I grind it myself...


Best place to shop for one?

Any brands or models to look for/ stay away from?

Thanks in Advance!

K J Wood Distillers.


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You may also want to look here. www.pelletmasters.com . You may need to call them because their website doesn't show all their products. They also have a youtube video demonstrating their hammermill. I plan on purchasing from them in the near future and I haven't found anyone close in pricing.

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Try to find a cheap Hammermill.

I could not live without my Hammermill I have 5 to 6 different screens for it and it is a bad mother.

It will process 4000 pounds an hour with the quarter-inch screen. I currently use the 1/8 inch screen.

I'm always trying to find other sources of revenue to use it. Because right now we will process all of our corn for the month in a matter of two hours and then the Hammermill gets pushed back into the corner.


Master Distiller

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Corn flour. I am signing contracts and starting to sell some of the local Mexican restaurant so they can make their tortillas.

The problem is is the cornflower is less than 100 µ in size so you have to sift the material coming out of Hammermill and then resend it back in if it does not pass through the screen that is being sifted through.

Also I can do all sorts of flour for local bakeries and bread shops.

The small screen I have for my Hammermill is one 16th of an inch. So it needs to be processed several times to be down past 100 µ.

Commercial flour mills use giant 2 to 3 section roller mills to obtain flour consistency.

I'm always trying to think out-of-the-box.


Dehner Distillery

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My Hammermill is an old Mix Mill brand. It is over 25 years old and I bought it from a local farmer for $200. It hadn't been used for 15 years and was rusty in very bad shape. But the company is still in business and still makes parts for this particular Hammermill because it is like the top-of-the-line.

I spent about $1200 to bring it up-to-date with all new parts.

Truth be told a hammer mill is Very very similar to a tree chipper. There's not a whole lot of science behind Hammermill. They are just badass and they work awesome.

Let know if I can help.


Master Distiller

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