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3 Tier Distribution. Product Mark Up? (NC)


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Hi guys,

Trying to put together a business plan that can give me an idea on cash flow for our prospective microdistillery.

I called the North Carolina ABC pricing & auditing division, but have yet to hear back.

We are looking at producing some high quality rum, flavored vodkas, and whiskys.

I was hoping people would share their experiences with having to use distributors what type of profit margins they're seeing per bottle (750ml)?

Any tips or advice would help give me a mile high view of what to expect. Thanks!!!!!!

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Two things that might help--

Here's the ABC pricebook. Under various brands you can see the retail price as well as the case price (what ABC pays for it).


Also on this page (which has basically everything you'll need at the state level) there's a price filing quotation form. Somewhere this is also a spreadsheet you can download.


Out of curiosity, where in NC are y'all located?

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Walking around the local NC ABC stores looking at priceing I really don't know how justify my plan. Shelves full of 750ml flavored vodka for $7.80 and store manager said always restocking. I understand get what u pay for but in a poor times the price does matter. It did get me down but not out. I just have a hard time running the numbers to make any since. It seems like I need an $50.000 still to run the amount I need to sell, but I can't see selling that much for 2-3 yrs. when I run the numbers I can't seem to get my cost per bottle under what they are selling it for. I really do love makeing it from grain to jar but DAM where is all the help for the SB start ups.

Ok I will stop crying.

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