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Absinthe Pete

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So I use a wine bottle for my absinthe. The only problem is it comes in 12 packs and that's bad for distributors because the product is so expensive. Retailers are more willing to buy a full case if I have 6 packs.

The quotes I'm getting locally seems a little high. Any help would be appreciate. I just find it hard to believe that there isn't a stock 6 pack box with dividers for wine bottles. My bottles are 3.08" diameter and 13 1/2" high.

Quotes I'm getting are for 1000 boxes and dividers $2.13 each.

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That seems a bit high, but not impossibly unreasonable. I looked into custom boxes (12 packs) a while back and the quotes were in the range of $1.50 to $2.00 per box, including dividers and one color printing.

There are a number of factors to consider to possibly lower (or raise) your cost.

What is the cardboard being used? Plain kraft or whiteboard? Different stocks, different prices. Make sure the "burst strength" is sufficient (get a sample box). Is there any printing on the boxes?

Are you being charged a die-cut fee and a plate fee? These fees, even when spread across 1,000 boxes, will raise the unit cost a bit. Also, while 1,000 case boxes are a lot from the distillery perspective, from the box producer's side, it's a small order.

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I would suggest sticking to local producers or those relatively near you. Shipping costs from more distant producers will probably increase the cost too much to make it worthwhile.

Also, make sure you are actually dealing with a manufacturer, rather than a broker.

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Jedd's right. Go local; box manufacturers come in our stillhouse every GD day wanting to sell us shit. if you go local, there's no shipping fees and whatnot. Jedd's also right on the price point. And dont forget to size for yer cap/closure!

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