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Hi, all.

I'm located in Central New York. Though it is not my day-job, I've been a successful and decorated brewer and meadmaker for decades. With advancing years, I've been called upon more often to judge than to produce. Within the limits of the law, I've long since familiarized myself with distillation as well. With all this behind me I have confidence in my grounding in both the art and the science.

One thing I've never considered until very recently was trying to leverage this experience, and scale it up to something like commercial production. With this in mind, I've found this forum. It looks like the right place to dip my toe in the mash.


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Welcome and you're one of quite a few start-ups in Upstate NY.

I've been in discussions with a few on their cooling solutions and how to spread those $$ as thin as can be.

I am from Corning but traveled up to Rome on my sales trips to Syracuse when I lived in Buffalo..

Much success and contact me if you are looking at any cooling solutions.

Mike Gronski


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