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Portland, Oregon Apprenticeship

Bob Manfredi

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Hello all,

I've recently begun developing my business plan in an attempt to break into the craft spirit industry. I've been doing a lot of research in the last few months. I attended the 10th Annual ADI conference in Denver, Colorado at the beginning of the month. I was surrounded by professionals, hobbyists and connoisseurs, all of whom shared my passion. You guys are overwhelmingly open and helpful.

Oregon is a new home to me. I've spent my post collegiate years in various sales and marketing positions in Northern California, Vermont and my home state of New Jersey. I came to Portland because of my love of the nature, music, craft beer and its endless exploration options. By surrounded myself with all the things I love, I knew I’d find happiness, professional success and personal growth.

Now that I've found the direction of my future, I am looking for knowledge and wisdom to help me on this endeavor. I have begun hashing out numbers, making connections and identifying investors. I intend to have my business plan developed within the next month or two. My mind is swirling with new ideas and I’m intrigued by every step of the process. I realize the immense task ahead of me will require a great deal of planning and hope to enhance this time by gaining invaluable hands on experience.

I’m eager to acquire insight into the daily operations of a distillery. I can offer experience in marketing and sales, as well as an incredible desire to gain comprehensive knowledge of this profession. My sweeping, scrubbing and mopping skills are second to none. I have bartending experience and a valid OLCC permit, should you need help in your tasting room. A paid position would be ideal; however any apprenticeship would be greatly appreciated. If I can be of assistance in any way, please give me a call.

If anyone has any suggestions as to a avenue for me to gain some experience whether it be in distilling, distribution, etc. Please let me know.

Thanks everyone!

Bob Manfredi


(732) 996 - 8646

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