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I made one batch of gin from a sugar wash and it turned out ok I guess, I used my 2" reflux still (bought from MileHi) and took the first 2 copper scrubs, and left out about 1/4 pound of the ceramic scrubbers out of the top, as to give me some room for a small bag of spices.

I didn't strip it first I ran the mash straight like you would to get some GNS, the gin though turned out light greenish/brown, perhaps from the ground cardamon spice. Is there any to avoid coloring in the gin? I really want to infuse it like the Bombay type.

Should I filter it through a wine filter? Will I lose some of the essences?

I just finished a mash of corn and sugar, and am planning to strip it first, and then run it through the same way, should I perhaps macerate the spices first add them to the wash?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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I cant't think of any reason why you would need to filter it, I would have thought the colour issue you have could be resolved through your distilling procedure.

Is it colour for the whole run or just part of it?

An alternative would be to suspend your botanicals in a muslin bag inside the still but don't have any pre-maceration in the spirit - this should help with some of the more delicate flavours.

Are you suing any particularly delicate botanicals such as flowers?

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