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I'm really happy to have discovered this association and forum. Our company has specialized in cork stoppers for distillers since 1855. We work very closely with our clients to ensure every detail is covered. With our unique in house casting machine we are able to offer smaller runs to craft distillers as well as very competative prices on standard stoppers.

If any of you have questions regarding the right quality of cork stopper or if you are having problems with "head space" please post your question. I am happy to help solve your problems and I promise not to try and sell you a cork! We just want to get involved.

From top to bottom we can help with your bottling needs, shrink caps, glass, medallions, custom stoppers or standard stoppers. Let our team work with you to ensure your brand gets the attention it deserves.

Call us today:

905-827-4666 Ext 34 or 1-800-959-0995

email: fhs@jelinek.com

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