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What to see in Northern California

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I am working on opening our distillery here in NC, to produce Port Wine, Cordials, as well as potstill Brandy, Grappa, eau de vie, and Sorghum Rum.

I will be in Berkeley/Bay Area and Mendocino for a week and a half this August/September and was looking for some tips on Distilleries to visit while on vacation. I'd like to visit some that are doing Brandy and Rum, and am interested in any wineries or distilleries doing Grappa and Port.

I've got a few ideas, but wanted to see what folks recommend.



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Thanks, We'll be in Mendocino, not sure if we'll make it all the way up to Humboldt, are y'all in Arcata?

What are you producing?

If you make it further north to Humboldt, you're welcome to stop by and say hello.

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If you can, visit Charbay and Germain-Robin / alambic, inc. In Mendocino county. Also, Jackson Keys in hopland, they have a brandy that seems to be the favorite of adi judges. There is a small guy who makes a pear eaux de vie called rene in calpella. Not sure what else he does. Chris soloman I think. Sonoma county, maybe sweetwater. Bay area, hangar one, st george spirits, gin 209. Socalis in santa cruz area.

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Maybe contact Hubert Germain-Robin for information on visiting Mendocino county, hhe's a consultant and very nice guy. He's been around for 3 or more decades inMendocino county.

Thanks for all the leads. I scheduled a tour at Germain-Robin, though my timing is a bit off. I'm in the area the two weeks before harvest season, when they take their summer break before getting down to distilling season. Had a couple emails with Hubert Germain-Robin, very nice and helpful, though he is not around the distillery anymore.

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