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We got our official license from New York State today! They got our application on March 1st and we got our license today. That's only 71 days, not too bad. Now Lake George Distilling Company is ready to fire up their Vendome Copper & Brass still and make some whiskey!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Robin McDougall

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Did you have any trouble with the Fire Code? I too am in NY and I was just about to pull a building permit and my building inspector stated that I can only have 30 gallons of ethanol in the facility.

WQondering if you ran into this.

Congrats by the way, I love Lake George!

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Your 30 gallons is in reference to "storage", and only if not in glass or wooden barrels . Your "in production" volume has no bearing on the storage requirement. If you are resting, blending, macerating, flavoring, redistilling, diluting ....... You are in the "producing phase".

Tell your building inspector to read up on production vs storage in distilleries, wineries :https://www.osha.gov/pls/oshaweb/owadisp.show_document?p_table=INTERPRETATIONS&p_id=18341

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