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First AG for Distilling

John D

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I have been making AG for beer and G / sugar washes for others. So I thought I would get started on some AG for when DSP happens, been raining all weekend.

A short list of steps i took, any tips would be great.

5 gal batch.

8 lbs ground corn

4 lbs malted grains

Corn and 1/2 the malt put in 3 gal of water.

Heated to a protein for 30 min then 152-154 for 45 min. Had complete conversion "Iodine test" SP 1.60

Then heated to a boil for 30 min It did gel but not to a sticky one "1st conversion helped?" Iodine test black.

Add 1 gal water to cool the the rest of the malt and 1/2 tsp of amylase held for 1 hr. SP 1.70 and Iodine was light red.

Let it sit 30 more min without change. drained and washed grain with last gal.

Pitched at 90 and kicked off in 2 hrs and has been going strong for two days with no slowing yet.

What could i have done to get closer to 1.80 without adding more grain. Old days I would PISS init but would like to get the AG thing Down.

Thank for tips.


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I would say for the grain to water ratio you are using 1.070 is probably about right and I'm not sure you will do much better. Not sure how fine you ground your corn but the finer you go the easier it is to get the starches out. I prefer a medium corn meal.

If you use a flaked pre-gelatenized corn you might gain a little and save the need to cook or boil. The flaked is near impossible to lauter though if you plan to do that. It is also more expensive so there is a price for the time and energy savings.

I am curious what temp you did your protein rest at? If you get the corn above 180 for a period of time it should release all it's starches eliminating the need to boil after your first conversion. If you cook the corn first then chill to 155 and add malted barley your conversion should go smoothly. Obviously you got out some additional starches after the boil so I am wondering if your rest was below 180 ish?

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The corn was on the finest setting on my malt grinder. It was cracked first at a real mill.

I did the rest at 130. I was trying to make the corn gel not be so thick at the higher temps, by getting the lower temps starches converted.

Thanks for the tip on 180 as I will try it next time it would save 30 min of heating.

The mash stayed fairly thin through the full boil it was nice not having to wear my arms out stirring.

WOW no one asked about the PISS..

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I thought it was just an acronym for Put In Some Stuff

Old truck stop joke. Put in some sugar.

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