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Off Site Tasting and retail sales

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Ok, I'm confused and seek wisdom.

Where specifically does it say that I cannot have my manufacturing in one space and my tasting room and retail sales in another space across town? I am asking because I have seen this same set-up in two other distilleries and several wineries. I was under the impression that sales of bottles was only permitted in the same building where the product is made.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

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It is in the state law, below. Still, there are issues of interpretation as to what the premises are. It can't be the TTB definition of distillery premises, because you can not conduct sales on such premises.

A person licensed as a craft distiller not affiliated with any

other person manufacturing spirits may be permitted to receive

one retailer’s license for the premises in which he or she actually

conducts business permitting only the retail sale of spirits

manufactured at such premises. Such sales shall be limited to

on-premises, in-person sales only, for lawful consumption on

or off premises.

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