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Vapor scrubbing before condenser

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I read a scientific article regarding ethel alcohol and the effects of temperature during activated carbon scrubbing. It stated that an elevated temperature increases the effectiveness of the activated carbon scrubbing of the liquid alcohol. The optimal temp. being around 90c. I've lost the link to the study but this finding has stuck with me.

Now, this has got me thinking... when the alcohol is in vapor stage it will have an easier time to penetrate micro pores in the activated carbon and it will also be very close to the optimal temp. for increased affect.

I'm wondering if anyone has tried placing activated carbon before the condenser to take advantage of the increased temp and vapor phase of ethel alcohol. I figure one could place it in a carter head and only scrub during the hearts portion.

Anyone tried this?

EDIT: It might be better to place it right after the condenser and run the spirit hot to take advantage of the liquid temp and carbon interaction. I'm afraid that the vapor might be totally scrubbed and adsorbed by the activated carbon.

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You will find that it really contributes little. The volatiles' were trying to filter out, most have BP below 90C. Activated carbon mostly traps liquid phase. They will tend to pass through. The High BP cogniers are best left in the pot as tails (cheaper). Don't forget that a lot of distilleries clean and reactivate their carbon towers by injecting steam.

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