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SPP (Spiral Prismatic Packing) is random packing for distillation, it's much more efficient than the stainless steel scrubbers. This has been patented by Russian researchers from the Mendeleiev Institute.

Ethanol distillation performance :

2" columns

-1 meter height of spp in a 2" column (that's about 2 liters spp) can bring a 10% abv to 95.5% in a single run

-Max recommended power : 1.9 kw,

3" columns

-1.5m of packing can bring a 10% abv to 95.5% in a single run

- max recommended power is 4 kw

- takeoff rate (2.7 liter/hour).

Havent run tests for bigger columns yet.

Dimensions of the SPP :

-2.4mm diameter (I sell the smallest size for best separation)

-2 to 3 mm length

-0.25mm wire diameter

-wire is stainless steel 304

Price calculator :


for inquiries send a private message or email me at :


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