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I am in the process of doing my business plan for a small distillery, I have no clue on how many case type card board boxes to get for my first order. And is it better to get locally or from a big supplier?

I'd bet that you could have taken the time that it took you to ask the forum this question to send off Requests for Quotes to at least two different potential suppliers and answered this question for yourself. I recommend that you do that, especially because none of us know where "locally" happens to be. (Usually, you'll have a "local" branch of a "big supplier" that will give you the most competitive quote).

You will be submitting numerous RFQs before your business plan is done. No time like the present to start.


P.S. When you're putting your glass out for quotes, you'll note that some of the glass comes pre-packaged in cardboard case boxes. If you decide to go with such glass, you may also decide to simply stamp or sticker the boxes that the glass already comes in.

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you can start with me.

sned an email to my UPB address and I'll send you a pdf file with available bottles and we'll take it from there for price quote.


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