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I am about to place an order for a new Anton Paar DMA 35. I realize this will not suffice for TTB and the use of certified hydrometers will always be required until I have the cash flow and production to justify a DMA 500. I am wondering if people out there already using the DMA 35 are happy with them and if there are any basic comments about their use in a production setting. Pros/Cons?

My setting is highly variable, as I hand harvest sugar cane and will do this year round. Brix will vary depending on my harvest time. I have been using a temperature adjusted refractometer up until now, but the Anton Paar device should make things a lot easier in truly tracking my ferments at the start. Also hoping it at least helps in monitoring proof when I need a quick look.

Any thoughts before plunking down $2500 will be appreciated.

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I use the DMA 35 daily and find it to be a valuable piece of equipment in the distillery. If the budget allows for it - I say go for it - I have no regrets.


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