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Hello From Parallel Products

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Parallel Products is excited to be a new member of ADI!

For the past 30 years Parallel Products has pioneered the innovative technologies for the recycling of beverage industry wastes and

residuals. We keep unwanted beverage products out of our landfills and create alternative fuel sources for the nation.

Each year we receive and recycle over 13 million cases and 3 million bulk liquid gallons of unsaleable beverage products. Through our business activities, we recycle over 200 million pounds of packaging materials including glass, aluminum and plastics. Additionally we recover and manufacture over 12 million gallons of waste-derived ethanol.

Headquartered in Louisville, KY, we are North America’s leader in unsaleable beverage destruction and recycling. With regional recycling facilities in Louisville, KY, Bronx, NY, New Bedford, MA, Ontario, CA, and North Boston, MA we offer services to the leaders in the Alcohol and Non-alcohol Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Health & Beauty and Industrial Alcohol industries.

Some of our Benefits

Brand Protection, Security, Compliance: Materials are managed and processed under the strict requirements of the Tax & Trade Bureau as we are required to comply with our Distilled Spirits Plants (DSP) permit. These requirements apply to receipt, record keeping, destruction and reporting practices. This means that your materials are properly removed from the market and destroyed/recycled to eliminate any possible downstream liabilities. Our Kentucky and California facilities hold DSP permits to allow for inbond transfer of product.

Federal Excise Tax and Customs Duty Drawback Assistance and Processing: Parallel has a complete staff of dedicated professionals to process or assist in the processing of tax claims to recover this cost associated with unsaleable products.

Please visit our website at www.parallelproducts.com to learn more about our environmentally friendly services – also, see our behind the scenes video’s!

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