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Hello to all,

My name is Tom Schiller and I work for Southern Graphic Systems (SGS). SGS is a full service graphics communication company and we provide services from creative through print (including foil stamp, emboss, coating, ....) all in house. We use state of the art technology and our quality is second to none.

I manage the Craft Distillery Label Printing part of our business as my background includes starting up my own "Craft" brand a few years ago. I've walked in your shoes trying to get the right design, label approval, print quality, print Quantity, price, application method, .... so we can help with all of the above.

We've also developed special programs for the craft distillery that helps the small distillery manage label purchases so they don't have to buy larger quantities that may end up being unused as you tweak your product(s) lineups. You can check us out at www.SGSINTL.com and I can be reached at Tom.Schiller@SGSINTL.COM or call me at 502.297.3048.

We're here to help so let’s discuss your next project and get it started on the right path. A few minutes of your time invested now can save hours of frustration, delays and dollars down the road.



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