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Hyrometer Calibration question....

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I am getting ready to order Hydrometers for proofing and am stuck on the calibration issue ... I cannot find where in the CFR27 it says that your hydrometers must be calibrated .... I does mention it in 30.24 referring to specific gravity hydrometers ... but I don't see it anywhere else ....Help???? .... Anyone with actual experience in this ??... Same goes for thermometers ......Thanxxx...Brian

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Bottom line is to ensure that they are "IRS Certified" hydrometers. If they are IRS certified, they'll have individual serial numbers & an actual certificate of calibration that comes with them. I get mine from www.novatech-usa.com (not being paid by them, but they are very good as I have received broken hydrometers before and they have gladly replaced them free of charge).

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Again... after reading through the hardcopy CRF27 I don't see where it "specifically says IRS certified " or anything else that relates to calibrated hydrometers..... any help pointing it out ??....

I'm not a lawyer, and I'm not giving legal advice, but I bet that as long as your equipment complies with 27 CFR 30.22 you should be fine. Essentially, you're talking about 0.2 proof and 0.25 degree subdivisions. But strangely enough, 27 CFR 30.23 requires you to read your 0.2 proof subdivisions down to 0.05 proof, and your 0.25 degree subdivisions down to 0.1 degrees. Perhaps the feds should write us a manual on how the hell we're supposed to do that too.

Another amusing note: 27 CFR 30.21 requires DSPs to use only hydrometers and thermometers to determine proof. Use of a densitometer is not permitted for gauging. I suppose that everyone is just "estimating" with their DMAs, and "verifying" those results with the hydrometers and thermometers that the regs require them to use... right...

Just remember that all the feds care about is their money. They're not going to hassle you about your equipment as long as your label (and, more importantly, your tax payments) matches what's in your bottle.


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