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Having forecasted a shortage in wood, and an increase in demand, we took the initiative to prepare

We are currently taking on a limited number of new customers, as our capacity has recently increased

Investments in new machinery, wood sourcing, and new leadership in the cooperage have all contributed to this

Currently we have 2 pallets (36/pallet) 10 gal char #3, and 3 pallets (60/pallet) 5 gallon char #3 in stock

The barrels are all 2 year air dried American white oak

email or call for pricing

these barrels will not be around very long

richard@thebarrelmill.com, 800-201-7125

Also we have 24 refurbished 2 barrel (53-60 gal size) metal racks (black) ready ot ship out


Richard Hobbs

The Barrel Mill


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