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Sample forms? Example formula forms?

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Hello, I apologize in advance if this is somewhere that should be obvious, but I consider myself a pretty good "googler" and cannot find examples or descriptions that I can learn from.

I have just started.

I want to make non-flavored whiskeys, and need guidance as to what the formula needs to look like, or even if I need one. The TTB presentation I saw (to my eye) implies that no formula submission is needed for non-flavored whiskey. Although the book "The Craft of Whiskey Distilling" on ADI states that "a distiller cannot produce distilled spirits until ALFD approves the formula."

Is there a post or a site that has examples or substantial guidance as to how much level of detail is required as far as process, etc?

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In the middle of this page it has a pull down that will tell you if you need to submit a formula.


For the formula, you start with a base recipe, so write out all that goes into your typical batch. You'll need to know your end proof, how much yield you'll obtain from the batch and then walk through the entire process of making the spirit. Definitely include all of the ABV's that your spirit will be hitting during the process... stripping, spirit, barreling and bottling.

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Panoscope, thanks! BTW, I was in Bend and drove by your place this weekend to see if, by chance you were open. You were not as it was Sunday :(

It was part of a "micro distillery tour" i did last week.

Anyway, for non-flavored/colored, do I need a formula submitted? The help page again left me thinking not.

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Sorry we missed you! Use this chart to get the "class/type" correct and then go to the previous link to see if you need a formula.


If you're doing a basic "whiskey" you will need to do a formula. If you are doing a corn, bourbon, rye, wheat or malt whiskey that conforms to their type classification you don't need to do one. But, when you're filling out your COLA, it will ask you for one. You'll most likely will have to provide some sort of document showing that you are conforming to the approved type classification. We're mainly doing distilled spirits specialties right now, but have put in one for a whiskey distilled from a malt mash, which didn't need a formula. But, we did one anyways as the online COLA application wouldn't let me advance without one.

Formula's aren't a big deal, it takes about five minutes to fill out the form, so don't sweat it. What's a killer is the waiting 1.5 months for their approval and if you make a mistake you get to wait another 1.5 months for it to be reviewed again. So, as soon as you get your DSP, put in your application to ttbonline.gov and get your formula's in. Then, it's another month waiting on your COLA.

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