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State 38 Distilling DSP Approved and Running!

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Hello Everyone. We finally received our DSP Permit from the TTB two weeks ago (received our Colorado Dept. of Revenue Alcohol Manufacturer License over a month ago). First day of distilling today to begin filling barrels for aging. Grand opening in two months. Long process, lot's of paperwork and unexpected costs but, all worth it when we bottle the first barrel. -Sean www.state-38.com

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Congratulations! My path has been very different. Will have my DSP for 1 year next month and my Honolulu manufacturer's license for 6 months, but I continue to fight over permitting issues in order to get operational. There is a reason Colorado is becoming the epicenter of the craft distilling movement. Hawaii could learn a lot from watching the growth in Colorado. The beat goes on, but I am always excited to hear about new operational craft distilleries! Excited to see your products on the shelf some day. I am using the same bottle as you, as well.

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